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Chili Garlic Shrimp

This is a delicious shrimp recipe that is garlicky, spicy, and ready in no time. INGREDIENTS 1 pound medium-large shrimp, peeled and deveined2 scallions, sliced¼

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Hi there! I’m Nora and I love to cook! I am currently recreating Filipino and other Asian-inspired dishes. I also love making staple dishes from everywhere. I simplify recipes where I can. I live in New Jersey and I make use of ingredients available around me. I hope you like my recipes and videos. Thank you for stopping by!

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Classic Banana Bread

This banana bread recipe is moist, tender, and delicious but also forgiving where substitutions are possible depending on your preference or what is available. Making banana bread at home should be easy — easier than chucking overripe bananas (just kidding).

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Shoyu Ramen with Chashu

SHOYU RAMEN WITH CHASHU My homemade shoyu ramen is a combination of chicken broth and dashi — a broth made from kombu (dried kelp) and dried shitake mushrooms — for a real umami flavor. The melt-in-your-mouth chashu (braised pork belly)

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